About the Connected Pulse Oximeter   

Provides practitioners the fastest and most accurate reading using an advanced measuring technique.

Patient SpO2(Oxygen Saturation) is automatically sent to the practitioner and is available in a practitioner-centric portal, so doctors can better care for their patient between visits.


HBoxSMART Pulse Oximeter kit

Pulse Oximeter (Bluetooth) + HBox Pod (Cellular)

Fully configured and ready to use out of the box with provided Display Device.

Features & Services


Low blood oxygen levels are a key symptom of COVID-19 and can serve as an early detection mechanism. Our Pulse Oximeter monitors patients’ ongoing blood oxygen levels and streams it directly into the HBox Portal where you can access COVID-19 symptom data. When your patient’s blood oxygen level is below the normal range, indicating hypoxemia, you will be alerted immediately. This early detection system could save senior lives during this unprecedented pandemic.

A symptom of COPD is trouble breathing. Using a pulse oximeter regularly to monitor blood oxygen levels can help monitor COPD severity and treat it accordingly.

Pneumonia, a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection of one or both lungs, causes difficulty breathing. Understanding your patient’s blood oxygen level can indicate if additional treatments, like oxygen therapy, may be necessary.

Asthma affects someone’s ability to breathe and therefore, the amount of oxygen reaching the rest of their body. Using a pulse oximeter regularly can help measure and track the effects of asthma treatments.

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